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Hi, I'm CureMode from XBOX Live, online games, Sci-Fi forums, and other places on the net. This site features information about myself and some of my favorite things. I am an active member of the 501st and the Empire City Garrison, a Star Wars costume organization that troops to support various charities and promote our love of the Star Wars universe. My designation is TK6744 and I have a complete set of Stormtrooper Armor. Check out My Stormtrooper page for photos and more details at tk6744.com. I am also an active member of the Rebel Legion, who specialize in good guy Star Wars costumes, and I have a Luke and X-Wing costume I wear to various events. I have two lovely twin girls, Charlotte and Madeline, who are now 11 years old. I recently renovated my basement, and completed my full size MAME Arcade game, check out the photos at My Basement page. You can check out my old gaming Clan, The Clan of the Caveman. I have kept the site active for nostalgia sake, it was created when Quake was king. I am the co-founder and former co-president of the Battlestar Galactica Fan Club, I now only act in an advisory capacity to the club. Peruse my Resume, I am a Computer Systems Analyst and Consultant for Verizon. If you know of any opportunities in the New York / Long Island / Manhattan area please pass them along to me at...


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